Travel advice to Georgia

Travel advice to Georgia Nowruz 1401
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran - Tbilisi


✳️ Due to the approach of Nowruz 1401 holiday and the beginning of the tourism travel season, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tbilisi considers it necessary to provide recommendations to those compatriots who intend to travel to this country, so that honorable compatriots can travel to Georgia. suffer the least material and spiritual problems.

? Travel rules to Georgia

- The land, air and sea borders of Georgia have been opened to Iranian citizens with the agreements made on October 5, 2021 (13 Mehr 1400), and Iranian citizens can travel to this country without obtaining a travel visa (only for the purpose of tourism); But there are some points to keep in mind when traveling to Georgia:
✅ Tourist travel to Georgia without a visa is possible for 45 days, and staying for more than 45 days will result in fines and possible deportation of the person from this country.
✅ In order to travel to Georgia for non-tourism purposes (study, business, investment, work, etc.), it is necessary to obtain a visa.
✅ Iranian citizens must carry complete travel documents when traveling to Georgia:
- Valid passport
- Round trip ticket
- Hotel voucher
- Travel insurance policy
- Money proportional to the number of days of travel
From March 1, 2022, by implementing the new law, the Georgian government has made it possible for citizens of all countries, including Iran, to present one of these two documents to travel to Georgia at border points.
- Complete vaccination document
- Negative answer of PCR test valid for 72 hours

❌ It is worth noting that all the above documents must be printed because the border police does not control the documents through mobile phones; On the other hand, all documents must be accompanied by an English version (the English version does not mean translation and notarization, and it is sufficient that the content of the documents is typed in English).
❌ Regarding the vaccination document, this document must be obtained from the website of the Ministry of Health and only the English version.
? The link to get the vaccination certificate (

❌ It is an important recommendation that compatriots test the QR codes inserted on the vaccination and PCR test documents before traveling and make sure that they are correct.
Respected compatriots should carry their identity documents, including national cards, in addition to the declared documents when traveling to Georgia.
Dear compatriots, when traveling to Georgia, please note that the government of Georgia prohibits the entry of certain medicines and carrying them with a passenger is considered a crime and will have its own legal procedure.
? List of prohibited drugs
1- Acetaminophen and codeine 2- Tramadol 3- Methadone 4- Coldax 5- Oxazepam 6- Diazepam 7- Ecstasy 8- Coldstop 9- Chlorodiazepoxide 10- Gelophene 11- Supra Cold 12- Amitriptyline 13- Radidol 100, 14- Tdol 100, 15- Benical 16- Sudafed 17- Clonespam 18- Diphenoxylate 19- Afrin and other similar drugs.

Respected compatriots should be careful about their grooming and maintaining the rules in the border areas (discipline and prohibition of filming) and due to the recording of all their conversations with the border police by the cameras of the hall and also the cameras of the police, from discussion Do not contact the border agents without results.
Respected compatriots should provide complete and correct information at the request of the border police, because it is possible to validate them with the passport number, national number, first and last name, and the registered image of the person. .

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